Onyx Moon Agency, LLC
"Non-bias Publicists & Agents working with and for you"
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Onyx Moon Publications & Agency, LLC & E.G. Designs, are a small hard working non-bias group who are available to help get you promoted and seen. As well
Get you recognized for Events, Lectures, Venues and Casting calls.  We have worked in the Paranormal and Reality area, and have taken on other Genres and entertainment avenues as well. 

Onyx Moon Agency began booking many people for events, handling graphic work and promoting since 2006 and still does today. These events include Paranormal Venues, Horror Expos and Casting calls for shows.

OMA also can help you with Talent and Event Assistant to throw your own Event or Convention. As well Promote your Event with Top PR from many angles.  We do everything possible, to see your event is a success and seen.
OMA is always looking for new talent to represent and will be
glad to discuss if you are really ready for representation, and will not give false hopes on making tons of money, but help you “perfect” your talents so the doors to that success can happen!  Only working with your representatives can you reach your goals to be the best at what you do.

We see shine in everyone, and if you have the “deep drive, passion and work hard” for what you do, you are what OMA is looking to Represent and/or Promote. 

Onyx Moon Agency is always looking for new talent to represent and will be glad to help you with websites, social sites and handling some of your fan mail, phone calls and mailing autographed items. OMA is available 24/7,
And are here for you when your trying to handle too much at one time!

OMA can help you decide if you are ready for Representation/Management or Promotion/PR, or both.   We never give false hopes, but help you push to make your Talents the best the can be.

Onyx Moon Agency is available to all types of Talent and Genres and we do
look forward to hearing from you.

Please email us your background, Talent, Genre, and Resume of work at Contact@onyxmoonagency.com to discuss possible opportunities of representation through Onyx Moon Agency, LLC.

Direct Email: Contact@onyxmoonagency.com

Address To Write:
Onyx Moon Agency, LLC
PO Box 206
Lansdale, PA